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Men and Dreams: In the Dhauldhar

Men and the dreams:  In the Dhauldhar is the story of three different people who accidentally met each other in the Dhauldhar. This story starts when a Hydro-electric project was approved and a dam was to build in Himachal Pradesh near Dhauldhar range.

Nanda (an engineer) Kusru(young boy on mission) and Rekha( a dancer and doctor) are main characters. These three have a secret past and all of them were hiding it, from everyone. Their life change when Hydro-electric project commence in Dahuldhar.

This book is written after, good amount of reaserch, readers will know every single detail about three leading characters.

I praise author for putting light on various hideous topic, which are never been “topic to discuss”.
Like life of Mohajiris, and Kashmiris, how partition affected their life, and how they survive on this land with a hope that their good  time will be back and it will change for their betterment. We always hear one side story of Indo-Pak border tension, author revealed the story of other side. Read this book to learn all problems of ill-fated poor people.

Topic of displacement have never been the front page topic, in India where every year thousands of people have to sell their land in fist of amount for development.

Being an Indian I always find terrorism a National threat, and I will to get rid of it completely.
This book explains how planning and plotting of terriorist never ends.

Life goes on even in rigid situation, this book says lot about this statement.

Story carries you to different places very quickly, chapters title will help readers to find out who’s the next character.

I am curious to read more books by author.

Cover and title is perfect for the story. I recommend this to readers who love exploring different aspects of life. If you’re searching something pure and genuine, this it my friend you must read this book._20180224_212143


Wedding Pickle

“Wedding Pickle” by Neha Sharma is a story about Ansh and Avni, who were pole apart before their family pushed them into arrange marriage. This is not teenage love story but mature one, where two people meet eachother and give themselves a short period to understand eachother completely before their family tie them in knot. If you are carzy about gossiping, shopping and love to woo after end of every romantic scene, trust me reader this is for you. Cover is charismatic, and will win your heart at first glance. Language is undoubtedly perspicuous. This one was sweet read, it started with introduction of bold Avni who is modern and love wild life, and of Mr. Perfect Ansh who is simple and sober, NRI. To find out how love popped in their awkward relationship and made it fairy tale, you have to read this book.

This book reflect real problems of those who have pistanthrophobia (is a common fear of trusting people due to past experience with relationship gone bad). A good Sunday read.

Come Back To Leave Me Again.

“Come Back To Leave Me Again”, is a romantic genre book which contains love story of Siddhant and Hritisha. This book is more about Siddhant’s (the protagonist) life, where Hritisha played a vital role. Story starts with lucid language, and simple narrations. Everything happens in this story is quite filmy and would cheer up bollywood lovers. To find out what happens to Siddhant and Hritisha, whether they lived happily or it ended with sad note? You have to read this book. Story of this book is based on real life of author, and this is its plus point.

Cover and title of this book is so fascinating that one can’t stop to adopt this book. When I read this book, I found that cover is totally different from the story between covers. Though title is facsimile and have deep meaning. Some narrations are in Gujarati and in Hinglish which is good for native readers but as I don’t have any idea about Gujarati language, it was difficult for me to understand real meaning of some phrases and sentences. Half part of this story was written in rush, which was the reason I was not connected with it emotionally. I think author has great sense of humour, which keep his writing style different from other authors.

I recommend this book to adults and not to kids. *It contains inappropriate language, & smutsIMG_20180211_082743.jpg

Behind the scenes

“Behind the scenes” is a crime thriller novel, which commence with a murder of a Bengali Superstar Ryan. Story revolves around Ryan’s unnatural death. His(Ryan’s) girlfriend and her Mom gets accused for his(Ryan) murder. Vikram Rana a high profile detective accidentally gets into this case. Will he be able to find who killed Ryan? How Ryan’s past is related with his mysterious death?

This was an interesting read, characters and story goes with ease, it will not kill you with boredom. Every characters played its important role, whether it was Sophia, Ryan, Sheila or Vikram, author sketched their different personalities, and kept them in limited role. You will not keep this book until you find who’s real killer. Cover and title is good and intrigues to read this novel.

To solve this mystery you have to read behind the scenes.

Colorful Notions

IMG_20180129_202220.jpgThis book is story of a Abhay, Shashank and Unnati, this trio plans to travel twenty five city together and to make a short documentary movie of their journey. Road tripping is fun and it gives you opportunity to explore exciting corners of this world. As they planned to travel within India, climate & languages were in their favour. Story revolves around three different personalities; who packed everything to measure every single distance together. Abhay was main protoganist Shashank was his foody bestfriend, Unnati was Radio Jockey and girlfriend of chubby Shashank. Beautiful bond of love and friendship was described beautifully by author. At some points every reader will find that “everything we need is everything we have”. I genuinely liked some of the incidents, when they entered in Leh and met Diki and Dorjee, both of them were amusing characters. I loved it more when they went Gaya and met Yonten Kondala, every single lesson he taught was very true and real. With this book author described real bumps, and life’s breaking point. This was smooth read, with lucid language, humour and emotions this book is near to perfect. I recommend this to readers who are planning to read something good in this weekend.

23:27 by H.L. Roberts

“23:27” is a blend of breathtaking suspense and haunting reality of paparazzi, written by a passionate author H.L.Robert.
The blurb and cover were described beautifully on its cover release day. Luckily I got the ARC of this book. The content of this story is intense and the most awaited topic for health conscious readers. “I am very thankful to the author for raising awareness about the depression and its side effects through this book.”
Characters were the strongest pillar of this story. Every characters played their perfect role in this story whether it was a nostalgia Lilth with her memories, or the Alec with his mysterious smirk and secrets, or the band with its unending lies.
Struggle and sacrifices which molds a common human into “the celebrity” are described brilliantly by the author. Author disclosed everything which was lying behind the curtains in all these years. I don’t want to be spoiler and and don’t want to kill the suspense.

Let suspense kill you, believe me its feels good.

Reading this book is watching a most awaited thriller Hollywood movie._20180123_071648

The Shimmering Moon

Title and the cover of this book is beautiful, a bibliophile would love to get it at any cost. It’s a collection of poems and stories which are written by a group of people who are quite amazing and are great writers. Creativity and year’s of experience in writing can be seen in some entries. I named it collection of stranger’s stories.

I recommend this to every avid readers.IMG_20180103_121151.jpg