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Review on: Dreams Implant


Book Name: Dreams Implant

Author: Partho Bose

Summary: Dave Bowman is a business tycoon who owns a advertising agency. With a successful business, a beautiful wife and with a daughter his life was complete, he was on the highest peak of his journey, but life has its own twist and turns. (Thrill and suspense runs in) when Dave nights were distracted and disturbed because of a nightmare in which his wife meet an accident and die. And one day someone kidnapped Alexis his wife and April his daughter. Dave is a family man and he will do whatever he have to do to save them. Read this book to know who did this to Dave? Why kidnappers didn’t kidnapped Dave? Who want to take revenge from a decent businesses man?

Cover: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Beautiful  appealing.

Title: Perfect because story starts with dreams and through the whole book it was centre of attraction.

My Review:  The book was good and pretty much something which will keep you to stick with it for an hour or two. One can’t predict its ending in half of the book, and also can’t resist to put it away with a bookmark. Good writing but it can be better for grammar geeks. I loved this book and looking forward to read more of Partho Bose.

All of Me

Sally: “I think Roser left London yesterday, cause I heard Wardon talking to his Mom that he will meet her in America anytime  tomorrow.”

Jo: “I already missing my ex, how could he do this to me.”

Sally: “Stop crying Jo, he will be back, he have to, I know how to pull him in the driver sit from the passenger sit.”

Jo: “But, Sally I am worried that he might have gone to know more about Mr. Robert. You know his grandfather is still alive and he’s the witness of that pen&paper case.”

Sally turned towards Jo and gave her angry look.

Sally: “Shhhh, How many times I have tell you not to talk about that case. Dad told me its very confidential they are trying hard to keep the ball in their court. Why you want to ruin it?

Jo: “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you  or reveal anything about it. But, I am pretty sure that boy like Karyan Roser isn’t a piece of shit which can be, so easily deceived. But he didn’t argued about our relationship, we never talked about our parents. Don’t you feel that he had done his homework pretty well?

Sally: “Can you just stop talking about that asshole, maybe he played his card well but he forgot that the distributor knows the back of ace. He have to put tonnes of effort to peel sheets.”

To be continued……


You are caterpillar of my life, growing everyday to become beautiful butterfly, I believe there will be a clear blue sky, when you will choose to fly.

World will welcome your new shades, that will help the wars to get dissuade. Your wings are tender, that make me wonder.

How you break your shell? Why you never praise yourself? Why humans don’t need to groom, when there is room to improve.

Play in spring, I will wait for you in garden name “Life’s ring”.CoverMaker-1499956268533

Under the constellation


You were  there in my dreams.

In my last breath, in my last heart beat, in my pain and in my last scream.

You were when I closed my eyes cause I lost my love  in paradise.

We loved, we played, we saw them  love is that  for which we are  made.

I told you to hold me tight, so when they come to take you, I will be with you walking on your side.

But look you loose your grip, you choose to skip and now I am all alone in dark nights searching you, in the crowd of stars, thinking about our promises and the memories we shed under this constellation.

I know, I will be there very soon for you.

To care, to love, to make you feel love gives you, wound and lover to heal.

……….end of the night……